• Commissions 7/24/15

    I just completed a commission for The Sandler/Hudson Gallery in Atlanta with another one on the way. Thanks SHG!

  • Upcoming Shows 2015

    In September I will have my first show in Atlanta at the Sandler/Hudson Gallery. This also be my first solo show on the East Coast. Thanks to Robin Sandler and crew for giving me this opportunity.

    At the same time I will be featured in The Affordable Art Fair in NYC courtesy of Portland Fine Art and Karen Silve. I am very excited to be part of this with a stable of very talented artists from Portland.

  • Twitter Purchase 7/24/15

    Twitter has added one of my favorite pieces to their art art collection. Thank you Linda Hodges Gallery in Seattle for making this happen!

  • Publications

    My work has been featured in both DEC/Jan issue of Oregon Home magazine and the Wall Street Journal in January.

  • 12/12 Back in the Studio

    Grandma has been in town for the last month and I have finally been able to spend a solid chunk of time in the studio, the first in over a year! I've been letting go of the tight graphic nature of the work from the past few years in favor of a looser more painterly style. I'm trying to just be spontaneous and forgetting about how it might look in the end. I'm looking for the "magic" in the trick as I like to think of it.

  • Beckett July Hensley born 11/14/2011

    Felcity and I welcome the newest little artist into our collective! So needless to say we've been busy with her and that's why it's taken me over a year to get around to posting this.

  • 12/09 City of Seattle Art Purchase

    The city of Seattle recently purchased one of my paintings for it's permanent public collection. It was an open call to mid-career artists in Oregon and Washington. "So Long Sam" was the only work purchased from Oregon! Hopefully I wasn't the only one who applied......

  • 12/09 Soul Recovery Systems

    Soul Recovery Systems has received a grant to create an installation for the Portland Building in downtown Portland, Oregon. We are very excited to have been given the opportunity to bring our services to the public realm. It happens in September 2010 so get ready!

  • Manor of Art

    Michael T. Hensley and Felicity Fenton aka Evelove Glimourous will be showing collaborative paintings at Milepost 5 out at 900 NE 81st Ave, Portland, OR

    There will be 100 artists showing in what appears to be an old nursing home. Lots of rooms and lot's of goings on. It runs from August 14th thru the 24th. Openings will be on the first Friday and Saturday.

    So bring your eyes and spectacles and prepare to be transformatted.

  • Art News review, summer 08'

    A well written review of my work at the Mark Woolley Gallery, February 08',